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Our Staff

Say hello to Dr. Betterman, our resident physican.

For more than 30 years, Physicians WEIGHT LOSS Centers has been helping people successfully lose excess pounds and inches with tailored nutrition and behavioral guidance.

Dr. Jane Betterman is the medical director of Physicians WEIGHT LOSS Centers. Her focus is to provide safe, financially reasonable weight loss plans her personal supervision.

From the desk of Dr. Jane Betterman . . . “I am very alarmed by the epidemic of diabetes. I lost my father to diabetes after 5 years on renal dialysis when his kidneys failed. I have a sister and a brother who suffer with it today. It is tragically all too commonly associated with obesity. Yet, it can almost magically be reversed with weight loss. This is why I choose to devote my medical skills to bariatrics. I can’t think of any greater goal than to do everything I can to impact on this devastating disease.”

In the PWLC clinic, Dr. Betterman begins the process with a physical exam and EKG. The program also includes blood analysis. Together, the results determine eligibility. Her philosophy is to provide comprehensive support and education to help people lose weight and maintain their weight loss.

Dr. Betterman, a board-certified physician, together with her dieticians and staff counselors carefully monitor your weight loss progress.


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